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Highschool Tutoring


Zahra Jamshidnejad


High School Tutoring

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Master Education Centre is pleased to offer a number of top industry professional certification exam preparation courses that can help you achieve or maintain a designation in your field of expertise. And University Test Prep courses that will help you improve your score.

High school ( Grade 9- Grade 12)

By high school, students should have a basic foundation in all the key subjects, specialized in Math and English. At this level, students should focus on both written and speaking in order to express clearly their opions different. High school students should have a clear orientation for their studying before graduation. Master Education offers a variety of subjects so that students can choose the courses they need for college/university preparation. We offer all courses including:

  • Arts
  • AP
  • Candian and World Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Olympic
  • SAT
  • Science
  • Social Science and Humanities
  • Waterloo Math Competition

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Our Main Teachers

Zahra Jamshidnejad

Mathematics/Science & AP Teacher

Mathematics/Science & AP Teacher

Science Teacher

Reza Eslami 

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics Teacher

Jessica Donmez

English/ESL Teacher

English/ESL Teacher

English Teacher

Arts Teacher

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Location : North York Richmond Hill

Typology : Group


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